Just Aion Support

If you are having trouble installing Aion or need help with your Account? Then you will be at the right place here.

Forgot Accountname or E-Mail-Address?

Please contact Sanjo in Just Aion Forum.
After that you can use Reset password.

Submit a ticket

Submit simply a ticket with our ticketsystem, you can find it in the top navitgation here.

How you can receive support Ingame

If you need support at Ariel, you only have to type .gmlist in your chat. With this command you'll see a list about each GM who is currently ingame online. To get in contact with our supporter you only have to whisper him with /w.

You can reach us between 10AM-10PM ingame every day.

Or visit our Support Forum.

Important commands:

  • .help
  • .gmlist


  • <GA> = GameAdmin
  • <HGM> = HeadGamemaster
  • <GM> = Gamemaster
  • <TR> = Trainee

Just Aion Client and other technical problems

Usually each technical problem is well known, so we recommend to take a look in our Support Forum. Do you have an unknown technical problem, feel free to open your own thread.

Or visit our Technical Support Forum.