How to Connect

Here you get to know, how you'll be able to play on Just Aion.

1. Registration

You can get to the account creation here: » to the registration site
The account name and the corresponding password should preferably consist of letters and numbers.
With your game account data you will then also get to the account management via our homepage.

2. Download Aion (Ready to Play)

3. Connection to Just Aion

Method 1 (automatically)
  • Download the Just Aion Launcher: » download link
  • Start the Just Aion Launcher and adjust the game language in the options, if necessary (if you have more than one language package installed).
  • Play: If the "Play"-button is clickable, you can start immediately. If it is greyed out, you have to set the game path in the launcher options beforehand.

Method 2 (manually)
  • The following steps are only required, if you are not using method 1.
  • Download the following file: » d3d8thk.dll
    If you use Windows 8/10, you have to download the following file additionally: » d3dx9_38.dll.
  • You put these files into your "bin32" folder, which is located in your Aion main directory.
    (standard path: "C:\Program files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\Eng_eng\Aion\Download\bin32")
  • If a confirmation dialog appears, confirm it with "Copy & Replace".
  • Download the following file for the english game language: » Just Aion - Ariel ENG.bat
    Optionally there are other files for the following game languages available:
    » German» French» Spanish» Italian» Polish» Turkish
    To play the game in a different language, you have to download the corresponding language package via the Gameforge-Launcher before (selectable under "Settings -> Advanced").
  • Paste these files into your Aion main directory.
    (standard path: "C:\Program files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\Eng_eng\Aion\Download")
  • Create a desktop shortcut for this file (rightclick it -> send to: Desktop (Create a shortcut).
  • Play: Start the "Just Aion - Ariel ENG.bat" via the shortcut, which you have just created.

4. Do you need help?