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Wondering if Just Aion is the right choice for you?
We offer the real AION experience - and even more!
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Just Aion Features

A small overview of Ariel's Features. Of course everything substantial is available.

  • Adventurer's Guides (see also)
  • Veteran & Loyalty Rewards (see also)
  • Bonuses for legions to us (see also)
  • Level-Up Rewards
  • Crafting level 399 with all skills
  • PvP-Battlegrounds with several modes
  • high number of players online
  • regular events
  • all instances fully implemented
  • Dredgion-System with adjusted rewards
  • improved raids due to adjusted opponents
  • Silver-/Gold-/Platinum-/Mithril-Medal Fountains (see also)
  • player commands:
    • .decompose to automatically decompose items without cooldown
    • .decrease to disassemble medals
    • .dropinfo to show possible drops of monsters
    • .noexp for Low-Lvl-PvP
    und viele mehr
  • skilled support (ingame, as well as via our Ticket-System, TeamSpeak and the Forums)
  • straightforward contact to the team for concerns and improvement suggestions

Advantages over Gameforge

More AION than retail!

  • higher Exp.-, AP- and Drop-Rates
  • no Gold-Packages, same unlimited permissions for all players:
    • 8 characters per account
    • no trade-, chat- or profession-restrictions
    • etc.
  • no Pay2Win:
    • same AP-Rates for all
    • webshop without PvP/PvE-booster items
    • webshop coins can be acquired by voting
  • higher limits:
    • two master-professions per character
    • professions/gathering enhanceable till 549 points
    • higher amount of entries into instances
    • no level ranges for loot in monsters
    • double tickets for the Arena of Discipline/Chaos

Just Aion Battlegrounds

The Just Aion Battlegrounds are instanced PvP maps allowing you to compete against other players in different game modes. The focus lies on fair PvP, but participating also yields many different kinds of rewards.

Using the chatcommand '.bg' you can receive an overview of the active battlegrounds.

Players can earn 'Abyss Points', Just Aion Tokens and Dredgion Tokens during the battles. The amount varies with game mode and duration. Just Aion Tokens you can redeem in our Link Tokenshop.

Link Read more about Just Aion Battlegrounds

Branding Team Deathmatch

2 groups of equal size and different race compete in a classic Deathmatch. Try to bring the other team's respawn tickets to zero or at least below the amount of your own when the clock runs out.

Branding Free For All

You only fight for yourself, no matter your race and without a team. Gather as much score as possible by killing your opponents and keeping yourself alive. Names, ranks and looks are replaced by defaults to prevent teaming.